A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Created by Lightling of Goldenwere for the #HQHouseJam (https://itch.io/jam/hqhousejam)


A new housing community part of a larger organization is being built where you, the player, once lived. A nagging feeling called to you to find out the fate of what you used to call home. You discover the organization is developing a VR house touring program decide to look into it to see if it may hold the answer.


A near-full recreation of HQ Residential House in a style inspired largely by [REDACTED IP] by [REDACTED COMPANY], located within a fictional VR program (MyNewHome-01.resi; note that the actual game itself is simply a PC game, not VR).


  • First person gameplay with keyboard/mouse and gamepad (tested with DS3) support
  • World interaction and item puzzles with grabbing, inspection, item usage, and inventory interaction
  • Player inventory with the ability to combine objects with others with the click of a button or the ability to drop/carry the items back into the world
  • Room selection menu to teleport between rooms
  • Dialogue with the ability to respond and receive different reactions
  • Play-time: 30 min - 1 hr

Install instructions

  • Unzip the downloaded .zip to the location of your choice
  • Be sure to check the README.txt for known bugs/warnings
  • Run the associated executable
    • Windows: hqgame.exe
    • Linux: hqgame.x86_64 (may need to set "run as executable" in file properties)
    • Mac: hqgame.app (may need to use “chmod +x hqgame.app/Contents/MacOS/hqgame” and allow unsigned apps in System Preferences; will not run on newer ARM Macs)


HQGAME.Build.Windows-v0.2 85 MB
HQGAME.Build.Linux-v0.2 107 MB
HQGAME.Build.Mac-v0.2 90 MB
HQGAME.Assets.Soundtrack 184 MB
HQGAME.Assets.Audio 4 MB
HQGame.Assets.Graphical 6 MB
HQGame.Assets.Code 40 kB


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(1 edit) (+1)

That was a pretty great house. Nothing went wrong, I might just move in! The simulation felt really nice to play. Animations and subtle interaction sounds really make a difference in my house touring experience. Also cozy music! I'm a fan of the lower floor track.

The thinking-out-of-the-box puzzles were also so rewarding to solve (At least, I had a few Aha! moments x) Thanks for the tips, btw) 

The ending also made me think. I approve 👍

Lastly, Dom Brooks is cool. Nice [Redacted] vibes.

(1 edit) (+1)

I'm surprised you prefer the lower floor track; I felt like it was a bit too busy and distant from the [Redacted] vibes and almost cut it (felt the need for variety was more important; I made each song in like an hour tbf lol). But nonetheless, thanks! 💜


And Finally I got to play your game, which is SUPER adorable and SUPER fantastic!!! I was looking forward to this entry and it did not disappoint. Great work with assets, gameplay, materials and all. 10/10 for sure!

Thanks! 💜